Øvstedalen in Autumn

     Summer being definitely over in here, time for autumn trips arrived.

      Leaving Bergen on Friday on early afternoon (18:00), doing some shopping on the way (20:30) we happily arrived to the hytte in the early evening (21:30). Time spent preparing to the trip was well spent and we, as usually, arrived as planned (17:00). Or, maybe not, but, who cares anyway… :)

     Saturday, up early, already around 9:00, eating fast breakfast and at 11:00 we were on the way to Tverrdalen. Driving to Øvstedalen where we parked car and from there on on the feet. According to the map, there is no footpath up the valley, but we managed to find a tractor road which later became a hardly visible footpath. Way went very steep up, ground was completely soaked with water... But it was all worth the effort. Colors in the low sun were just incredible, especially in contrast with the dark clouds. We passed by a few waterfalls without names (at least I didn´t find them) and sometimes lost the way, but after @ 2 hours we reached the end of the valley. The original plan was to continue up to the saddle over the valley, however, it looked like an avalanche fell in here and the "way" was completely blocked by trees and branches. Sure, in theory, it was possible to go on, but I guess it was just not worth it with a 6 years old girl as the fun factor would just evaporate… We ate what was left of the food and returned down. Up to this point, we were lucky with the weather, partly cloudy was it, bit sun, but that was to end just now… As we began the descent, it began to rain. And rained.. And rained.. And rained, the whole way down and for the rest of the day..

     As we arrived back to the hytte, we set up a watch for deer and Siri and Hans. Siri and Hans showed up later on, but deers went for dinner to a different valley today… We ate dinner, had some wine and beer and went to sleep.

     On Sunday, the weather was not promising. Siri and Hans decided to go up to Raudstølen, which is something like summer farms area, so, having no specific plans, we joined up with them. We drove almost to the end of the Øvstedalen valley where the footpath began. Crossing river and going steep up over rocks, roots, mud and water. Just before we arrived to Raudstølen, we met some locals taking down flock of sheep for the winter. I even managed to talk to one of the farmers in norwegian.. Surprisingly, we understood each other.. I was so proud. On Raudstølen we sat in front of a very nice hytte, where we ate and chased a small Røyskatt (Stoat / Short Tailed Weasel). Everyone expept for me and Siri saw it… The weather cleared up a bit on Raudstølen, colors where indeed beautiful. Soon, on the way down again. Slippery, steep and wet. But beautiful..

     In the afternoon, Siri and Hans went home, we stayed one night longer. In the evening, we finally saw a deer crossing river. We almost began to believe that all the noise at night is done by the hunters trying to find a deer. But, no. There we saw one. Tereza was so excited, that she almost cut her finger away while trying to make an arrow… Next time, she will be more carefull.. :)