Gullfjelltoppen from Gullbotn

Gullbotn - Gulltoppfjellet - Gullbotn    

 Just another weekend with, already traditional, "bad bad" weather forecast. I started to follow it from Wednesday, interested in Gullbotn on Saturday, it went as follows: Wednesday "rain", Thursday "crazy rain", Friday changing over the day, almost hourly, morning "maybe some sun but rain", lunch "rain", afternoon "just forget it heavy rain". As they are usually wrong with the forecast, it was a good sign...

     Saturday morning, check the weather, the "heavy rain" means we are going. So, we set off, missing a bus just for about 30 seconds, we take a taxi to bus-station. Again… :)

     Good news on the bus-station, we can actually travel with a public transport ticket all the way from Laksevåg to Gullbotn, which is cool considering it is quite far off the centre.

     Gullbotn, waiting a bit for our friends who joined us for the trip and off we go. First we cross the training circle for cross-country skiing, they really take it serious in here…, and the water soaked path goes steep up aside a small waterfall, following up a creek almost all the way up the valley. After the first uphill, something I would call a beautiful swamp follows. We are almost constantly ankle deep in mud or water surrounded by beautiful flowers, blueberries,  mushrooms, frogs, small trees and water creeks with waterfalls. Time goes fast and soon we are resting over the beauty filled green valley, really impressive for a swamp :).  From here on, the steep up going path is nicely marked by "stone posts" which are numbered, girls finds it interesting to read the numbers, at least they do not complain how steep it is… The emergency box by the side of one of the posts, size and shape of a coffin, contains equipment for the first help and emergency transport. That being hammer, plastic bag and protective work gloves, leaves a bit shimmering feeling about the emergency procedures… :) A bit later on comes also an disconnected emergency radio station.

    The stone posts numbers are quickly adding up, and in no time we are up on the summit of Gullfjelltoppen, 987 meter over the sea level, the highest point "in" Bergen.  Weather still holds "nice and sunny" though we can see it rains everywhere around, at least we can see rainbows all the time. While on the summit, a short rain shower passed by, but nothing dramatic. 

    After picture-taking and bubble blowing, heading the same way down. The weather cleared up again :) , so we can enjoy the views over the rain covered fjords and mountains everywhere around. And rainbows, of course. After a while, we meet a small flock of sheep, which I was even able to come close to and stroke, that make Tereza extremely happy... :) .

   The rest of the descent was fast and quiet. Nice views. Randi found a frog and I ate blueberries...

     In the last 10 minutes, the weather forecast was fulfilled at last... We got completely soaked just before hit the bus-stop… 

     Glad to live in Norway… :)

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