Vending Hytte

     The end of August is here and with it comes the Vending Hytte Tur, for us, meaning me, Jana & Tereza, already for the second time. The last year´s tour was a big success and we showed up full of expectations again.

    The beginning was quite unusual as we did not come late. Yeah, that also happens, not very often, but it worked out this time. We were ourselves surprised that we came almost 10 minutes in advance. Weather was excellent, bit sun, wind and showers, so there was nothing in the way.

     As all the people gathered together, we shared the food load for dinner, introduced ourselves, me being Stefan as butterfly ("S" as sommerfugl in norwegian) and set off.

     After the first ca 20 min, there was the first food break after a wooden bridge over Stølselvi creek, just before we entered the swamps :).

    All full up and full of optimism, we started our way through the mud, rocks and hills. All went fine, no injuries, nobody lost, and after a few breaks to enjoy the view and persuade the young ones that this time it is really not that far anymore, we reached the highest point of the trip, from which the Vending Hytte can be seen down in the valley just beside a lake full of trouts, the Vendingstjørn. The descent was fast as the sight of the hut filled the youngsters with energy. After some obligatory picture taking, there we were, in the Vending Hytte. Nice, warm and full of people. Luckily enough, we were able to grab a place to sleep, Tereza on the bed, Jana on a mattress and me on my inflatable matt I carried with me, just in case...

     With sleeping place organised, kids turned the place into a Casino and the female part of the expedition decided to make the dinner. That was a good news, as the kids were occupied by gambling, women by cooking, I could just quietly disappear and read book about Hardangervidda. Soon enough, the dinner was served and it was delicious! I must apologise here, as I was very sceptical in the various stages of the preparation process. It was indeed excellent! And not because I was so hungry!

     After the dinner, I disappeared for the second time. As the kids returned to gambling, there was a real threat hanging in the air - the dishwashing. Even though there was almost a blizzard outside, raining like crazy with just insane wind, I went fishing… Better than doing the dishes, anyway… Lucky enough I was, as I caught 2 trouts, and nobody complained about my disappearance… At least this time… But,  I am quite positive I´ll pay for it in the future.. :) I fried my 2 trouts and shared them with Jana and Tereza as nobody else was interested.

     Soon enough, a goodnight story for the kids, and bed time. Night went fine for me, don´t really know about others. Even Jana didn´t complain, so unusual… 

     After breakfast, kids returned to gambling and I went fishing again. This time a bit more successfully, I caught 3 trouts. Later joined by Tereza who caught another one. That made it to the headlines, and she was veeery proud!

     Time went fast, and ca 12:00 we were all packed and ready for the return trip. Weather was fine, surprisingly sunny and no wind at all… Boring… After the ascent to the saddle, the uphills were over, and we continued down the slippery way towards Hamlagrøvatnet. Crossing the snowfield that turned into a short term war zone, we arrived to the swampy part again. Not so bad, I fell only 2 or 3 times, at least my wife had a lot of fun...

    Tired and dirty as pigs, ca 15:30 we arrived back to the Hamlagrøvatnet. The weather was still fine, so we set up on the way back to Bergen throught the beautiful Bergsdalen valley. In the Bergsdalen village, we stopped to see the Bergsdalen Kyrkja and the girls tried to talk to some local sheep hanging around just in front of the church. Without success, but at least, they tried… Neverminds that, they can try agian the next time, as we will for sure come back to Vending Hytte Tur.

     Big THANKS goes to Ingunn from Kvam Turlag for putting this trip together again! Thank you!