Jåstadnuten 2004

     Going through my old CDs and trying to bring some kind of order in the chaos, I came over a CD with pictures from one of my most favorite trips ever.

     It took place back in 2004 in Hardanger, yeah, 10 years ago already :( ... We, Jana, Sjur Ove, Tor Stian and Me, went from Lothe in Hardanger in Norway, up to Hellestein, to Komlevatnet, up to Jåstadnuten, down to Tolstølvatnet and finished up on the main road by Svartevatnet.

    Our primary goal was Solnuten, but due to too much snow, we changed our plan and went only to Jåstadnuten. The trip had two overnight stops, first by Komlovatnet and the second by Tolstøvatnet. Both nights, me and Jana were frozen... Tor Stian was cook warm and Sjur Ove said nothing, but since he did not complain, I guess he was just fine. This was the last time I owned a synthetic fibre sleeping bag. From then on, only down.. :)

     We had beautiful weather, not so common in Norway. It was quite cold at night*, at least colder than we expected. Views were just fantastic. The scenery visible from the summit of Jåstadnuten was indeed breathtaking. You can see all over Hardangerfjord, Folgefonnhalvoya, and over Hardangervidda including the highest point of the mighty Vidda, Hårteigen.

     In the morning of the last day, we were passing through a valley by Vidalsvatnet, which, in my opinion is the most, or at least one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. Unfortunately, my pictures do not do it much justice, but, should you be around, make sure to see it!

     As I can remember, there was no marked path most of the way. Especially the descent from Jåstadnuten was quite complicated due to too much snow and difficult rocky lanscape. The very last part down to the Svartevatnet was just crossing a jungle, but we made it without harm... :)

     Oh memories, sweet memories... :)                    *there is no night this part of year