The Snowhunt

Bergen, 12.12.2015

     The weather is wet, grey and coldish... As usual. And I am lazy to go out to do the obligatory kms to follow my almost plans..

    Looking out the window, I am even more sceptical... Wet, bit over 0 degrees, it will be icy, slippery and me and Surly will be wet & dirty, yet again.. Not to mention Surly took a shower yesterday...

    Anyway, out we ride. And what a joyful moment waiting in the grey Bergen, there actually is snow up on the mountain peaks.

     Full of entusiasm, I speed up. Just to slow down almost immediately to somehow get through the city center full of gift-shoppers... Yeah, a  week to go til x-mas.. Through the center and I am flying up to Fløyen. There is already some ice on the road, but I know I´ll be fine as soon I get to the gravel road. Fløyen, still wet, or, frozen wet, if that´s even possible. Do not stop to join the tourists, keep pushing to hit the snow before dark, if there was any. I can see some wet snow spots already, but nothing to get excited about. Then, I hit a corner, and there it was! Snow! Yupii, in Bergen!

     Pass the Brusshytten. Getting better every meter. Surly holds a safe track, so, I keep rather a sportive tempo. Short picture break before the city is hidden behind the hills.

     Meeting some late tourists who like my Surly... The snow is perfect and soon enough I am up on Rundemanen. Usually riding alone, but not this time! Today, I met myself on the top. Someone to share the moment, at last. I am standing behind me in the picture. :) No photoshop, I swear!

Weather is perfect, clear sky, no wind, a bit under zero, I guess. Enjoying the moment and quietness, smile thinking about people down in Bergen complaining about the weather... Fools.. :)

     Snickers is gone and down we fly. The views and the light are breathtaking. Fighting to somehow set the camera on the micro-tripod, an extremely difficult task in snow, to take some pictures. Getting cold fast, I set the camera on a snow filled helmet and off we go. Hope, they were worth the trouble. See yourselves!

     So, that´s it for today. Short post from a short trip. I loved it! Til the next time! Take care!