Christmas Lydehorn

     Christmas, yes, we are eating A LOT :). And we are lazy. And the weather sucks... And so on, and so on... In other words, we just sit inside and use the excuse of weather to cover our laziness. But, not today. As the weather can be Bergen-like terrible, it can be Bergen like fantastic, as today.

     Having no weather excuse, to Lydehorn we went. Little bellow zero degrees, clear blue sky, what more can one wish for!? 

     As usual, we took the way through Gravdal up over Kvarven with the nice views all the way up.

     The path was not perfect for a tour with a 7 years old girl, but she is a brave little warrior. The winter has finaly really arrived and we could see it everywhere around.

     Icy, slippery, sometimes wet. The wooden steps were covered with ice and were really tricky to get down this time. The way was not straight forward as we had to avoid frozen creeks and ice covered rocks, but we bravely reached the summit of 398m after about 2 hours of a not-boring walk.

On Lydehorn

     Tired and cold, nevermind, the mood was still high. The girls posed for a nice picture against the setting sun and the chocolate began to disappear rather quickly. So, I packed the camera and hurried up to get at least a piece. You never know with my ladies... ;)

     Hot tea didn´t disappoint the cold body waiting for the sunset. Even though, the sun was very lazy today, same as us in the last couple of days, it set down at last and made it worth freezing alone on the top of Lydehorn.

     We couldn´t fail to notice the really frozen blue looking Bergen on the other side which reminded us of the wet cold evening waiting for us down again.

     Using the rest of the remaining time before darkness we tried to stay on the path and enjoyed the disappearing light with soft lit fjords and landscapes. 

     Fast and steady we were loosing the altitude, anyway, soon it was time for the headlamps that turn the little trip to a night adventure for our little mountaineer, and believe me, she enjoyed it with all the up and down sides coming with. We had a lot of fun and I think she will remember it for a very very long time...

     Clearing through the dark ice covered path and climbing up the frozen wooden steps we reached the Askøy bridge viewpoint over Kvarven again, this time under a very different light conditions. I leave it up to you, to choose which one you prefer. :) 

     Being night and clear skies, there was one more beautiful surprise waiting for us. As we reached the road down to Gravdal, we noticed a little light tip coming over Rundemanen. A few minutes later we were starring amazed on a full moon rise over Bergen which provided enough light for the remaining part of the road down. Fantastic, believe me! And what an experience it was for our little mountaineer, I think I know what she´ll be dreaming about at night... :)

     Til the next time :)

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