Storm :)

     Same location, again, I know, I apologise.. :)

     I rode to do my training today and must admit that the weather was a bit off the normal scale. Anyway, went on, Laksevåg - Munkebotn - Brushytten - Rundemanen - Svartediket - and back home again.

     Checked the weather forecast for Rundemanen, 2 degrees, rain and warning for possible storm, windcasts 25-30m/s. Fantastic for bad conditions training.

     10 degrees and rain down in Bergen, fast through the city. Sandviken and up the tornanti Munkebotn. Nice view, no snow, rain... 

     Temperature was still Ok, so, up we rode. Soon, started first troubles. As long as I left the asphalt road, the gravel was mixed with wet snow. Slippery, but not too steep, still possible to ride. Soon, more wet snow, rain, steep like hell.. no traction... down with pressure in tires, no help.. down again, almost empty now, it helped :) up we went fighting, eventually, I had to give it up for some parts and had to push. I was surprised how slippery it really was, wouldn´t expect to ride even as much as I did. 

     More rain, but faster as the steepest part is behind me. Brushytten. Up to Rundemanen, still raining, wet hard snow on the road, surprisingly holds.

     Then came the top. Vow, it really was blowing. Fighting with the wind, still in the saddle. Over the top and there the hell broke. Wind gust came from side, loosing all the traction in the wet snow I printed my first snow angel this year. :) The gusts kept coming and for the time being it was out of question to ride. Walked couple of hundred meters and the wind got significantly weaker as I got closer to trees. 

     Still raining tractors and quite blowing, seeing almost nothing on almost empty tires I finally reached the Svartediket.The downhill was slippery with two surprisingly deep water channels which ran across the way, almost hit both them.. :)

Ulriken and my fatty

     Quick look on Ulriken, Svartediket, pictures... 

     Stopping on the first busstop to pump up the tires ad drink a bit of warm tea from the thermo. Cool!...  What a nice day again!.. :)

     Til the next time!.. :)