Ulriken, 11.4.2015

     After a quite considerable long time, I decided to give a try to a bit more demanding tour, just to see how things are going. Jana being sick and Tereza not really interested due to a visit of her friend, I decided to take one of the steep ways up to Ulriken.

     Took a bus early morning and began the indeed steep ascent through Bjørndalen. Weather was  not the best, but was holding, luckily, same as my ankle. Not the best, but holding... :)

        Coming over the treeline, the wind blew like crazy and the last couple of hundred meters before the Ulriksbanen station, it required quite an effort to go straight and not to be blown of the way. Not being 100% with foot did no really help either, and yes, it was quite a challenge.

     Soon enough, I was up hiding from the wind and eating my Jarlsberg sandwich and getting some rest before going down through the considerable amount of snow waiting for me on the way.

     I must admit that I was not super excited about the snow, water, mud and rocks waiting ahead. A bit sceptical, off I went. And careful i was! Carefully watching every step, I was completely lost in concentration on the way. 

     I though I was going really slowly and it will take me a couple of hours to get down. At least the wind gave up and I did not have so many difficulties with balance. A few hundred meters from the summit, on a plain completely covered with snow, I met a young man caring a mountain bike. I was in a kind of a shock because I couldn´t imagine where is he going to ride it. I still don´t get it. I took out my camera to take a picture but in the end found it inappropriate, so, I gave him one more look and went my way. I had enough problems on my own... :)

    Luckily, soon enough, there was the end of snow and my life became much easier. The weather was still holding, but I could feel it will begin to rain or snow at any moment. At this moment, luckily, my foot held better than the weather... :)

    To my surprise, I was down quite fast and even fast enough to avoid the rain which was without any doubts not far away. Not less was I positively surprised that my foot was strong enough to hold. Of course, it was not 100%, but anyway, the terrain was really difficult and I went through without any serious issues. And that I am really happy about! :)

    A short summary of the trip:

Bjørndalen 08.15, Ulriken 09.45 - 10.15, Montana 11.30.