Sotra from seakayak, 26.4.2015

     This time, something new, maybe a bit unexpected from me. At least, different than usual.. :) Being realistic about my options, I made a decision to move on and do what I can.

     I've always been enviously looking with one eye on people in seakayaks, going places you cannot go on feet, the beautiful fjords, mountains around, in a way, a pure wilderness. For me, a pretty new perspective.

     So, there I went, seakayaking. I decided to take the course and joined the local paddling club here in Bergen. The course took place this weekend, so, I am still full of emotions. :) Water was cold, weather was Bergen-ous :), so, all as it should be.


    I will not go into details of the course, in short it was fantastic! Big thanks to Lillian, our instructor. She IS GOOD! Thanks goes also to the other 3 brave girls attending the course and voluntarily swimming in the fjord to practice the rescue procedures. Respect! The fjord temp was ca. 6 degrees, air between 6 and maybe 15...


     Now, back to Sotra. On the second day of the course, we went for a touring trip in the area of Sotra, beginning from Møvik. A real seakayaking trip! The area is indeed breathtaking. I really loved it. Many small bays, hidden beaches, birds, you name it.. And you go around noiseless. Just quiet. You get to see things you would otherwise never see. Cruising around we came to a small island where we were to eat lunch.


     Somehow, partially by miracle and partially by unknown good will, I managed to get out of the kayak without swimming :) and could enjoy the nice weather and quietness of the place. Real beauty. Eager to drink the Columbian organic coffee in bag which I was dreaming about from the morning, I discovered that the coffee for reasons not known to me, has changed its form and consistence to a mushroom like substance of non appealing look and smell. So, no coffee.. :( Luckily, the girls didn't kill me, as I promised them a "fresh organic coffee" for lunch... As if it was not enough with the coffee, I stepped in a strange way on "my foot" which lead to loosing my camera that hoped its way all the way to 10cm big "lake of water" in the middle of the stone just in front of me... I mean, really??? Can you believe it? Seakayaking, being in the middle of a fjord on a small island and I drowned my camera in a 10cm in diameter micro pool of water... What the ...? It was my daughter's small Leica, so, maybe, you can see the last pictures the camera took... :(


     Anyway, in high moods, we continued. Included was some self rescue training, meaning voluntarily flipping the kayak over and getting back to it, cruising through narrow passages, and practicing the new learnt techniques. At last, we followed the shore and slowly returned to Møvik. It was nice to get out of the wet clothes, too.. :)


     And, what do I think about seakayaking? Simply, I love it! I am all into it and it will be a long time relationship. If you get a chance, don't hesitate and go and give it a try! :)