Nice weather, a lot of snow, time to hit the road. :) Joe came up with a plan of an overnight ride in Samdalen by Ulvvatnet. So, why not? 

     Departing Nesttun rather late on Saturday afternoon we rode across Bergen on snowy-icy and  almost car free roads. There were times I envied Joe the studded front tire, but we made it anyway. Arriving to Ulvvatnet in late evening, we pushed the bikes passing the first camping place that was surprisingly occupied. The second one was just waiting for us.

    Got the fire going. Grilled sausages, chocolate, whisky... What more can one wish for? Thermometer showed between -18˚ and -20˚C. That was cold. So, we agreed it was no more that -15˚C... that felt significantly warmer... Into the sleeping bags and watching the night skies with a frozen nose. Paradise.

     Joe was first to get up, I guess due to the call of mother nature. Anyway, he got the fire going at 7.00am! What a brave man! Was it me, I admit I would have crawled back into the sleeping bag without hesitation... Respect man!

     Soon, mother nature thought of me, too... Breakfast. Pictures, two at a time, then my camera froze. With first sun touching the Hausdalshorga mountain, we hit the road again. More or less pushing back to the main road surrounded with beautiful landscape and hoar frost creativity everywhere around.

     Roads to Bergen were empty and cold, but beautiful. Sun warming more the soul than body really made a beautiful start of a nice winter Sunday in Bergen.

     Great short trip, really worth it! Can´t wait for the next one!