It´s been quite some time without anythng new in here... It was notlike that there was nothing to write about, it´s just I didn´t really want to write about it... I like to keep it positive in here. :)

     So, here it comes. We have a change of the gang members... The "old", reliable and truly fantastic Cannondale that Tereza loves came to be too small. Sad as she was, we went  on the last ride, since the new BMX is already on the way.

     So, goodbye Cannondale, here comes new Raven 18 from DK bicycles.

     Of course, it comes together with a new ultralight TSG "bumblebee" helmet. Worth mentioning, if there is anyone interested in this style of kid helmet I honestly recommend it. Certified, cool looking and so light that I thought the box it came in was empty. She just loves it, as you can see... here, doing homework...

     Done with the school thing we hit the road. Raven is a bit bigger and faster than the Cannondale, but soooo much fun. She is just too serious in the pictures.. as usual... ;) But she really loves it! She does!!! Soon, I´ll provide more fun pics when she gets into the real BMX business... :) I can´t wait myself.. :)

     Til the next time! Take care!!!

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