Øygarden. Or not...?

    A rather long post from a rather short trip, or so called micro-adventure, to Sotra / Øygarden. Meeting up with Joe in the evening, riding as far as we could get, finding a place to stay overnight, in the morning, ride again. Simple as that. Or not...

     To begin with, we had to cross the Sotra bridge, no bike lines, no sidewalk, just too narrow car lines and side wind, 9 m/s in our case. As if it was not hard enough to even get there by bike... We survived. Now, we just needed to navigate to Øygarden. None of us has ever been there by bike and we enjoyed our "get to know the area" extra kilometers, I guess... We reached Sollsvika by sunset and altered the primary plan of sleeping on Turøy as we hesitated to ride on the main road in the dark and opted to find a spot by the fjord where we were. Not an easy task, though. The falling night didn't help much either, but after some riding we were laying down on boathouse veranda in already wet sleeping bags. Great views, beautiful night sky and beer, non-alcoholic in my case, but Joe deserved his real one! 

     Morning was cold and sleeping bags frozen, but none of us was really cold and I slept really well, Joe didn't complain, either.

    A local Otter, I privately named him (I apologize if HE was SHE) Harry, showed up to check us out. He probably couldn't believe we really stayed there over the night and paid a close visit to Joe. I am sure none of Harry's Otter friends will believe him his morning story and will accuse him of making things up, yet again...

     As the time moved closer to the sunrise, the first early fishermen showed up and quietly navigated out to open sea. None of them waved us back, though... ;(

     Together with sun came the time for breakfast as well as a cup of hot fresh ground aeropress coffee that made for an hard to beat morning.. Thank you Aeropress, thank you Porlex, thank you BKB, thank you Joe! You all made my day! :)

     As the sun got higher and more fishermen showed up, we hit the road again.

     We headed up to Turøy. Due to a slight water shortage we almost cancelled the coffee plans, luckily, things sorted out and Aeropress got some use again. Paradise!... :)

     Finished the coffee, packed again, last look into the bay and back on the bikes. As we already knew all the tricks of the road, the way back to Bergen went much smoother. As I was the eagerly navigating one, I feel I need to apologize to Joe for some "small mistakes" and "some" extra kilometers we rode... Sorry buddy! :) I'll do  better the next time! Maybe... :)

Click on the map to see the animated route

Click on the map to see the animated route

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